Sl. No Auction/ Tender Notice No. & Date Subject
1 Quotation dated 10.02.2020 Quotation for hiring of Housekeeping Staff invited by Dhubri Customs Division
2 Auction Notice Auction Notice No. 02/2019-20 dated 06-02-2020
3 Re-Auction Notice Re-Auction Notice of Original Auction Notice No. 01/2019-20 dated 02-01-2020
4 Quotation dated 05.03.2020 Notice Inviting E-Tender for hiring of Vehicle from 01.04.2020 to 31.03.2021
5 Quotation dated 05.03.2020 Notice Inviting E-Tender for outsourcing of Security Services
6 Auction Notice Auction notice No. 01/DPF/2019-20 dated 05.03.2020
7 Tender Notice Tender for Stationery/Miscellaneous/Toners
List of the items
8 Quotation dated 17.03.2020 Notice inviting quotations for outsourcing security services
9 Tender dated 18.03.2020 Notice inviting Tender for hiring of Vehicles from 01.04.2020 to 31.03.2021
10 Tender dated 21.04.2020 Notice inviting Tender for supply of Stationery items, Miscellaneous Items & Toner/Cartridge for photocopier & Fax machines.
11 Tender dated 01.06.2020 Notice inviting Tenders for Empanelment of Government approved valuer/qualified chartered Accountants.
12 Tender Notice (Guwahati Division) Notice inviting Tender for Miscellaneous/Stationary/ IT Items.
13 Tender No.01/2020 (Guwahati Division) Notice inviting E-Tender for hiring of Motor Vehicles (A/C)
14 Tender No.02/2020 (Guwahati Division) Notice inviting E-Tender for Security Guards(Un-armed)

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