The Public Notices Issued In The Year 2013

Sl. No. Public Notice/Facility No. & Date Subject Relevant Notifications & Circulars Contents
 1 01/2014/08.01.2014 Implementation of Risk Management System in Export Public Notice
 2 06/2013/06.12.2013 Procedure to be followed for granting Permission of Factory Stuffing (LoFSP) to manufacturer-exporters, merchant-exporters-reg Public Notice
 3 05/2013/05.12.2013 Synchronization of working hours and days in LCS & operational of Car Pass system in 16 LCSs (where land route is used) Public Notice
 4 04/2013/06.09.2013 Customs Brokers’ Examination under CBLR, 2013 Public Notice
 5 FN: 03/2013/12.11.2013 Customs Areas of Land Customs Stations – amendment thereof Facility Notice