Jurisdiction The Commissionerate of Customs (Preventive), North Eastern Region, as it is presently known is perhaps the largest in the country in terms of geographical size and international border. It has under its jurisdiction the entire North Eastern Region including 1640 km of Indo-Myanmar border, 1500 km of Indo-Bangladesh border, 1000 km of Indo-China border and about 1100 km of Indo-Bhutan border.The State wise details of the international borders are appended below alongwith the list of formations ( LCS/PP/CPF).

 Sl.No Name of the state Country (ies) with which the state shares its international border Length of international border
(in Km)
1 Assam Bangladesh 350
Bhutan 450
2 Arunachal Pradesh Myanmar 520
Bhutan 650
China 1000
3 Manipur Myanmar 398
4 Meghalaya Bangladesh 400
5 Mizoram Bangladesh 350
Myanmar 510
6 Nagaland Myanmar 215
7 Tripura Bangladesh 400
Total 5243

The region under jurisdiction of this Commissionerate is connected with mainland India by a 22 Km wide corridor known as ‘Chicken’s neck’ running through the foothills of the Himalayas in North Bengal.