SlNo. Public Notice/ Facility/ Instruction/ Standing Order. & Date Subject
1. Circular/Instruction dated 05.01.2023 Instruction for officers of the Commissionerate in respect of availing any type of leave.
2. Public Notice No. 01/2023 dated 17.01.2023 Customs (Assistance in Value Declaration of Identified Imported Goods) Rules, 2023 (CAVR, 2023)
3. Public Notice No. 02/2023 dated 18.01.2023 Launch of new functionality of Customs Brokers Licensing Management System (CBLMS)
4. Facility No. 01/2023 dated 02.02.2023 Appointment of Custodian for Import and Export Cargo and Customs Cargo Service Provider at Inland Container Depot(ICD), Amingaon – Renewal thereof.
5. Public Notice No. 04/2023 dated 16.02.2023 Amendment in import policy and policy condition of ITC (HS) Code 080280 of
Chapter-08 and ITC (HS) Code 2106 90 30 of Chapter-21 of ITC (HS), 2022, Schedule-I (Import Policy).
6. Facility No. 02/2023 dated 16.02.2023 Roll out of Indian Customs EDI System (ICES) for imports and exports at
Mahendraganj LCS (INMGHB), Hatisar LCS (INHTSB), Dalu LCS (INDLUB) and Mankachar LCS (INMKCB) on Trial basis.
7. Public Notice No. 05/2023 dated 23.02.2023 Amendment in Circular No. 25/2016-Customs dated 08.06.2016 for including details of ex-bond Bill of Entry / Shipping Bill in Form A.
8. Facility No. 03/2023 dated 24.02.2023 Roll out of Indian Customs EDI System (ICES) for imports and exports at Golakganj LCS (INGKJB) and Dawki LCS (INDWKB) on Trial basis.
9. Instruction No. 01/2023 dated 01.03.2023 Completion of Data Entry in DIGIT-reg.
10. Public Notice dated 17.03.2023 published by Dhubri DIvision. Empanelment of Government Approved Valuer/qualified Chartered Accountants, to value seized/confiscated goods for fixation of fair price of goods lying in Customs Division Dhubri Godowns.
11. Public Notice 07/2023 dated 31.03.2023. Phased Implementation of Electronic Cash Ledger (ECL) in Customs w.e.f 01.04.2023- reg
12. Facility No. 04/2023 dated Customs Area of Land Customs Stations – amendment thereof
13. Facility No. 05/2023 dated Appointment of Custodian for import and export cargo at Dawki Land Customs Station; Integrated Check Post (ICP), Dawki, Meghalaya


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